New Creation Community

Congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Our mission is to follow Jesus in word and deed
and invite others to do the same,
by loving God and our neighbors near and far,
especially the least, the last and the left out.

About Us

We are a church striving to follow Jesus and to bring about God’s kingdom of love and justice.  In a society where greed, oppression, and the love of power are dominant, we seek to build a community and world that are radically different.  This is hard work. We don’t always get it right.

We gather together weekly to pray, study, worship, serve, and support one another on our journey. Just as Jesus gathered around many tables during his ministry, every week we gather around the table to celebrate the Sacrament of Communion to nourish both our inward and outward faith journey. 

We do not own a building.  This frees us to devote more financial resources to mission and ‘pack lightly’ for our journey. A little over a quarter of our annual budget is dedicated to supporting both local and global ministries.

Jesus created a diverse community that centered  the poor and the outcasts. Likewise, we are working to build a church that includes both people who are marginalized in our society and people in positions of privilege.  

Throughout our history we have worked to build a community that includes people who are unsheltered alongside homeowners, people with diverse physical and mental abilities, people with different sexual orientations and gender expressions, people with various addictions, and people from different countries and cultures.  We strive for racial integration. We confess that we do not always succeed in embodying God’s radical hospitality. But we are committed to keep trying to join our voices with the welcome of God, whose love is inclusive and welcoming to all.


We worship at 5pm on Sundays in Redhead Hall at First Presbyterian Church (617 N. Elm St.). The fourth Sunday of every month we have simple supper during worship.

Members believe that weekly worship and study are necessary to strengthen us spiritually and teach us what it means to follow Jesus.  A characteristic of our worship that shapes our identity is our celebrating the Sacrament of Communion every Sunday. In this celebration God’s Spirit binds us in community and strengthens us for our inward and outward journey in the week ahead.


Since its beginning in 1985, the New Creation Community was asked to take seriously all that it means to be the church of Jesus Christ. To this end, we engage annually in a period of discernment and renewal of our membership covenant.

This ritual invites an intentionality and integrity around the meaning of membership in the church that has deepened and sustained our life together.

This annual covenant states:  

“We, who experience God’s grace and Christ’s salvation, covenant with Christ and one another as members of this community to live under the following commitments:  

  • Pray daily.
  • Worship weekly. 
  • Study and fellowship together. 
  • Care for one another. 
  • Teach our children. 
  • Give generously (the goal being 10% or more) to God’s work. 
  • Share our gifts in service to others.  

With God’s help and the help of my brothers and sisters in this community, I make this commitment in response to God’s call to witness in the world.”  


The conviction that not having church property allows us to provide more financial support for mission outreach continues to be celebrated as an important part of our identity. 

Following Jesus means living out what we believe in a way that helps mend some part of the world.  This encourages members to actually “do” church by focusing on urgent local and global problems through public witness and mission.  

Some ministries in which we are actively engaged include:

Public Witness began early in the life of the congregation both through financially supporting the PC(USA)’s Office of Public Witness and through opposing: the Contra war in Nicaragua, apartheid in South Africa, the death penalty in North Carolina and in the nation, the passage of CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement), the involvement of U.S. officials in Nicaraguan elections, and the war in Iraq. Members are engaged in the Repairers of the Breach’s Moral Monday Movement, Moms Demand Action, the Poor People’s Campaign, and the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.

New Creation has been involved in a meaningful sister church relationship with San Pablo Christian Base Community in Nicaragua for over 20 years and provides support for PC(USA) mission co-workers in Nicaragua and Central America.


The Rev. Dr. Kate Davelaar Guthrie has been the pastor of New Creation Community Presbyterian Church since the fall of 2018, but has called New Creation her spiritual home since moving to Greensboro in 2014. She has degrees from Hope College, Western Theological Seminary, and Duke Divinity School and has worked in the Dominican Republic, Michigan, Durham, and now Greensboro. Kate and her husband, Tom, spend much of their time trying to keep two small humans alive who, in turn, teach them more about the grace of God every day.

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